Beauty and the Boom started with nothing but an undying love for the province of Alberta. From its mountain ranges to open prairie sky, its endless opportunities and adventures sparked the need for somewhere to document all that is great about this little piece of heaven that I call home.

Beauty and the Boom is a place for all things Albertan, whether it be adventurous tales, epic photos, cultural experiences or even good ol’ homemade recipes. Anything western is welcome here.

I live in central Alberta, where it’s nothing but prairie. The beauty of Alberta is that you can drive in any direction and the land will change. To the West, mountains. To the East, rolling hills. To the South, the famous Foothills. To the North, trees and rivers. And of course, Fort McMurray! I love any chance to explore more of this province, however, it’ll take me a long time to see it all. Alberta is just a little bit smaller than the state of Texas!

I hope you enjoy following my adventures on Beauty and the Boom. Stay awhile, leave a comment or just browse around!

Feel free to drop me an email at info@beautyandtheboom.com