Meet The Rustler! A Saga, Part One

Here we go. This is the beginning of an extensive journey, so buckle up for a long list of dumb choices, learning moments, and life regrets!

So I bought a 1976 (or 78?) 21 foot (or 20? Or maybe 22? The facts are loose with this story…) Rustler trailer, with the idea of renovating it for camping. So far no camping has been done, and I’ve eaten up 75% of my summer doing back breaking manual labour on this thing in the blazing sun. That’s par for the course for situations I get myself into.

Everyone around me warned me. Literally everyone. Not one person said “this seems like a great idea, good for you”. So as usual I have no one else to blame for this very questionable purchase.

On that note, this is the Rustler.

Complete with exterior strip LED lighting that the previous owner nonchalantly drilled right into the side of the trailer.

Here we see the exterior corner of the bathroom (far right) has been patched(…? Can you call it that?) with sheet metal and more screws just drilled right into the side. This guy had no concept of exterior integrity.

Let’s move inside.

Fridge doesn’t work. Quite doubtful that anything else works either. This doesn’t bother me, a cooler is fine for me, but Chris is dead set on getting that fridge working. Also all the plumbing under the sinks and to the shower has been crudely cut. No caps, no plugs. Just pinched copper tubing.

The expression on my mothers face when she saw this stove was priceless. It’s so unbelievably dirty.

Almost 100% sure there’s bedbugs in those cushions.

Praying that the six months of -30 winter might’ve killed them.

Now for the bathroom. I can honestly say I have no idea what’s going on here.

Even the 1970’s lino with insane adhesive has given up and started peeling due to the sheer amount of water damage.

Some very nice 70’s Harvest Gold accents going on here. And a free roll of toilet paper with purchase! Score!

And now the ceiling.

From here you can see it’s gaped above the door from being so soaked with water.

Here, above the bed, near the vent was the worst. At one point I stood inside the trailer during a rainstorm and it was steadily dripping on me.

And that’s the Rustler in a nutshell. Like I said, I’ve made better choices in life than this. But here we are. So if you enjoy watching others suffer, stay tuned for the next renovation update, Renovating The Rustler: A Saga, Part Two.

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