Amisk Wuche Hike

We went on a Sunday hike to Elk Island Park to check out the Amisk Wuche trail. I think a lot of people forget there’s much more to Elk Island than just Astontin Lake, though I will admit, it’s beautiful.

I prefer Astontin in the winter actually, because in summer it gets a lot of algae and swimmers itch.

But anyway, back to Amisk Wuche. It translates from Cree meaning “Beaver Hills”. It’s an easy 2.5 km loop; I prefer loop trails because I don’t like coming back out the way I came in, why see the same thing twice?

The trail head is well labeled, and is a simple turn to the east off the main parkway road. There’s a short driveway up to the trailhead and a parking lot with an outhouse.

There’s a nice detailed map of the trail in front of what I assume is a beautiful wetland in the summer.

The trail is basically a gentle stroll, very few small hills at best. It was still scenic in the winter, it would be picturesque in the summer for sure. It’s mostly wetland and forest trail.

The dogs loved the ice to play on. Yes they’re supposed to be leashed, but no one else was there.

There’s multiple board walks and water crossings through the trail which would be amazing in summer to see frogs and wildlife. We saw lots of birds and squirrels. And a bison!

There’s lots of benches at look out points to stop and admire the view.

It actually took us about an hour to do the loop because we stopped to take so many photos! All in all, it was a great day outside, cold but clear and sunny.

We finished up with a photo shoot at Astontin Lake. We joined the mass of tourists that were there for some cliched pics!

In Summer 2018 I definitely will do a couple of the long hikes. Tawayik Trail is a 16.5 km loop and Wood Bison is 16 km loop as well. Stay tuned!

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