Rock Lake Provincial Park!

We got to spend the weekend discovering Rock Lake! I had never been, but I had heard of it through friends and family, all with rave reviews.


It’s a total hidden gem and definitely worth the drive. To get there, take the Yellowhead east to Hinton, then a few kilometers past Hinton, turn north on Hwy 40. Go north on Hwy 40 for about 40 kilometers, which will take around 25 minutes. Then you’ll see a logging road on the left with a sign that says Rock Lake Road, turn left and take that logging road for 32 km all the way to the end. This will take about 35 minutes. Stay on the main road at all times, there’s many turn offs and forks.

The campground area is very confusing and there is NO signage, so refer to this brochure before you go. Also there is NO cell service, so you cannot Google directions or pull up this map. Print it off before you go. 

RL map

At the end of Rock Lake road, it will lead you into the main camping loop, away from the lake, with the most sites. These 54 sites are called Green Mountain Loop. They are farther from the water, but well treed and good for trailers! 

If you turn off to the right before Green Mountain Loop, you’ll be heading toward the camping area closer to the lake, where we stayed. We ended up staying in the wrong campsite, due to the poor signage and zero information available, so don’t make the same mistakes as me!

This map references 13 sites in something called “Hikers Home”, however we walked all over that area and never once saw any sites, so not sure how current that information is.

We had reserved site 2 in Middle Moose, which was beautiful, isolated, and close to the water. The walk in tenting sites are by reservation only. However, we ended up lost, in the dark, and had to settle for site 12 in Lower Moose Landing, which was disappointing, but still nice.

This map also says that Lower Moose landing has sites 7-12, but that isn’t accurate. The parking lot itself has sites 1-8 which are all open sites right next to each other. See photo below.


Sites 9 through 12 are in (what appears to be) Lower Moose Landing. See photos below.

Lower Moose Landing SITE 9:


Lower Moose Landing SITE 10:


Lower Moose Landing SITE 11:


Lower Moose Landing SITE 12: (where we stayed)


Lower Moose Landing SITE 13:


As you can see by the site markers, these are correct, contrary to the map. Maybe the park had undergone renovations recently. 

As for the walk in only sites in Middle Moose that we had reserved, the map references sites 1-6, but there was only sites 1-4. See photos below.

Middle Moose SITE 1:


Middle Moose SITE 2:


Middle Moose SITE 3:


Middle Moose SITE 4: (down at the bottom of the hill)


Also the map references an Upper Moose Landing which must be behind the main boat launch I assume, however we did not explore it.

Other than the hassle with the inaccurate sites, the grounds are amazing (free fire wood!) and the lake is crystal clear and beautiful. I’d highly recommend it, as long as you get your info and directions first before you lose service, and be ready to move campsites as needed. The water is great for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and there’s lots of hiking trails too.


Rock Creek flows out of Rock Lake and meets up with the Wild Hay River. 


Camping goals. 😍


Rock Lake at sunset. Gorgeous! 

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