Chicken Run! Part 4

Who knew I’d end up having a running post on my chicken coop updates?! I’m just so pumped about renos in general. So in my last post I updated about the insulating, ceiling, painting and 7 hens. 

There’s been a few changes since then. We lost two hens over the winter, both were ill and/or died of old age. So we’re down to five hens, and on April 5th, we picked up 50 more chicks! 25 Cornish Giants and 25 Western Rustics. So it’s been a full coop. 

Currently there’s a divider in the coop and the chicks and hens are sharing the space. But the hens spend most of the day outside, free ranging in the yard. 

The Barred Rock loves having dirt baths by the deck. The Western Rustic just follows close by, looking cute and overweight. The three Rhode Island Reds usually stick together, you can hear them rustling around somewhere in the trees.

As for the renos, we installed a new window! The hens had no natural light in the winter, and a lot of the time it was way too cold for them to go outside, even though they had access. A lot of the winter was blowing winds and minus 25ish. They still laid regularly though, I do not know how they did when they had no light, but they are troopers! 

So before it looked like this…

Comfy and warm but no natural light! My MIL installed the windows I got from the sale pile at Home Depot on a warmer winter day. 

Now it looks like this! 

We made new studs and insulated the wall. Finished it over with plywood and a quick coat of natural stain! 

I’ve since painted the plywood white to match and I think I’ll wash the whole coop on a hot summer day and do another coat of paint on the walls. The chickens get it so dirty in there. 

The windows swing open to the inside and can be propped completely open on hot days, or the glass even removed in the summer if we want. 

I’ve since added decorations as well! A gift from the guys at work. 🙂 

The snow in that photo is horrifying, but that was in late April! But spring is here now, hopefully to stay. 

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