The 7 Pound Blanket

I crocheted my friend a chunky blanket for Christmas, all in purple because it’s her favorite. Except it ended up weighing seven pounds.


It’s beautiful, and insanely heavy! Also very warm. I didn’t measure it but I bet it ended up being about 4 feet by 5 feet or more. The bad thing is if you hang it on a blanket rack or off a chair, it will stretch under its own weight.


I got all the yarn on sale at Micheals, I had a coupon and the skeins were already on sale themselves, thank god because usually this thick yarn would be super pricey.


I used a double crochet for the whole thing, 57 DC’s total in a row, the base chain was a chain of 60 to start. I used Loops & Threads yarn called Chunky Braid in Purple. I used 14 skeins total!


Except now it’s shedding little linty hairs all over the place!


But look at the amazing photoshoot journey it’s going on! 

It’s been modeled on homemade furniture at home and away! Here it is in Crowsnest Pass. 

Ooh. Aah. Fancy. 

All woodwork done by Riverside Rustic Creations. 😉

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