Chicken Run! Part 3

It’s times like this that I’m glad no one reads this blog. I’m starting to make posts solely to mark down my own memories, somewhere to put my pictures and stories. Something with a date and a time stamp, before I go ahead and forget what month or year it happened in. 

This is an update on the chicken coop! In my first post, I mentioned how we fixed up the coop in Spring. All new roof, new shingles, and built a beautiful run and a door. Then in the second post I said we butchered all but five lucky hens. So now we gained two more hens from a neighbor, and we have 7 hens for the winter. We think about four out of seven are laying routinely so far. 

The coop needed insulation in the new roof before winter. So my mother in law and I got it insulated nicely (course I forgot to take photos), and stapled poly over it. Then I got sheets of plywood and one hungover Chris to help me screw them to the ceiling. I lined the plywood joints with 1×2’s to hold it all together, and I think it makes a nice rustic detail. 

I’ve since added more 1x2s to support everything and fixed some joints up. 

I mixed lime with water and white primer to make a sort of thick whitewash, and painted the whole inside! 

It took two gallons of paint for that tiny coop but it’s all done! 

I cleaned it all out, put in new straw, new hooks for the wiring, and my MIL bought a beautiful new waterer, feeder and heater! We probably have the most spoiled chickens ever. 

Look at that hen, already sitting in the nest. 

Ya they’ve got a fan too. 

Good eggs come from happy hens. 🐓

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