Chicken Run!

So we got chicks. 50 of them!


There’s 41 Western Rustics and 9 Rhode Island Reds. We’re going to keep the females of the Reds for laying hens over the winter. The unfortunate rest of them are going to be meat at the end of July.


And the chicken coop needed some TLC. So a friend of ours rebuilt the whole roof with nice new lumber and we tar papered it and shingled it all over again. It looks great and the chicks are warm and dry.


We had to build a new run for them to go outside and get some sunshine. We made panels of pressure treated wood with chicken wire, and the roof prevents any predators from getting into the run. We’ll fill all the gaps and put stones around the bottom to prevent skunks and foxes from getting it. And we even made a new screen door! The chicks get lots of fresh air and sunshine.


They’re pretty spoiled.


Just want to put it out there that my Mother In Law and I did this entirely by ourselves. Except for the carpenter friend who did the roof, and maybe he helped us with some angles too.


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