Oilers Scarf

McJesus to the rescue! Thank god we have him.

We went to the Oilers game on Tuesday, they played Columbus and won. McDavid scored a goal and everything. It was his first game back after being hurt. My boyfriend was ecstatic to see Connor play; I could not care less.

I go to hockey games for the pretzels and beer. Literally that is the only reason.

I’ve had this Oilers colored yarn for months and I’ve been meaning to make something with it. So I’m making my man an Oilers scarf.

He loved it. I wanted to put fringe on the ends but he wasn’t having any of it.

I tried a waffle stitch I learned from a YouTube video and I think it has a manlier look to it.

I used Loops and Threads Charisma Rugby yarn in Captain, with a 7mm hook. It was quite thick and dense, I would go with the recommended 8mm hook instead. It was about 6′ total in length.

Waffle Stitch Oilers Scarf

With 8mm hook, chain 170.

In 5th chain from hook DC. (I always skip 3 or 4 stitches so the corners are nice and square instead of pulling so tight when you only skip 2 stitches.)

DC in all chains across. (166 DC’s total I think)

Chain 3 and turn work. This counts as first DC (it counts as your first stitch).

FPDC around next stitch. This will make it pop out towards you.

Regular DC in next two st.

1 FPDC and 2 DC all across.

Chain 3 and turn work. This counts as your first DC.

DC in next stitch. Then FPDC in next two stitches (these look like they’re popping out towards you, while there’s one that sits behind).

Regular DC in st that sits to the back.

2 FPDC and 1 DC all across.

Chain 3 and turn work. Repeat this pattern of 1 FPDC, 2 DC for next row, then switch to 2 FPDC, 1 DC for following row. Repeat as many times as you want to make it wider.

Now when it came to the end row, the YouTube video said to do a final row of all DC’s like our foundation row was. But I found that looked too wide and plain. I did a finishing row of SC’s instead, to make it narrower, and more symmetrical in my opinion.

The alternating FPDC’s is what makes the boxes of the waffle stitch. It’s really different and more interesting that regular DC all the time.


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