Ripples For Baby

Unlike everyone else in Alberta, I do not enjoy winter and/or winter sports. I am pretty sure I am the only Albertan who doesn’t like hockey. Probably the only Canadian as well. Instead, I spend my winters inside, cuddled up with my kitten, crocheting away. Yes, I am also probably the only 24 year old who spends the majority of her time crocheting, but it doesn’t matter because I absolutely love it.

I started this just after Christmas of 2014 for my sister in law, who had just announced she was having baby #2!

Granted at times, I get sick of a project and complain constantly about every row, but not this one. This one was too beautiful to whine about. I could not stop looking at it, the colors are so adorable and the backing is the most perfectly colored fabric! I get excited about these things. I gasp at things that I really like, whether it be a dress in a store, or a paint color on a wall, both of which are weird, but I definitely gasped when I saw the chenille fabric. I knew it’d be the perfect backing for this blanket. And so soft and cuddly! Excellent for new baby’s skin.


So I wanted to share this creation and put it on Pinterest for other people to use if they want, but then I considered I shouldn’t share the pattern, because technically you should be paying for it. It’s someones hard work and the whole booklet, Ripples for Baby, costs like $3.50 on Amazon here or on Etsy here. So I’ll share the first few pages, which were free off Google Books, and you are welcome to purchase the lovely pattern book, or wing it yourself.



I made a lot of changes to the original pattern, it called for 3 rows of each color, I did 4. I also did not use white as a solid stripe color, just as the lines in between the colors and for the scalloped edge border. Here is the original photo from the booklet of how it is supposed to look (which is also beautiful, I just don’t like that much white).


There was no border or fabric backing on the pattern, I just winged the border from a post on Pinterest about it, and the fabric backing was a bit of a challenge (Okay, a lot…There were tears.) I always think I’m smarter than the pattern, so I do things my own way and then usually end up horribly regretting it. Oh well, live and learn. I’m too stubborn to listen anyway. Here’s some more photos of the finished project.





If there’s any questions, leave a comment below! Happy hooking!

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