Alberta’s Most Talented Cowboy

So, I’m going to fan girl out here for a minute. I have a very deep and frankly, concerning, love for a certain country singer. Corb Lund.

If you’re not from Alberta, you might not have heard of him, which is a real shame. However, he does play shows around the world!

Corb Lund grew up in the foothills of southern Alberta, near a town called Taber. His family owns a large ranch, which he mentions in his songs. He has been playing music all his life, and has many awards to his name, including Junos and Canadian Country Music Awards. Corb’s songs define what it is to be Albertan and highlight all the great things about this province. His lyrics hit home with any Albertan, as his sold out gigs demonstrate.

I have seen Corb perform at Peace River’s Peacefest in summer of 2012, and again in the fall of 2012 in Edmonton at Rexall Place. Both shows were amazing, the crowds adore him.

Please don’t arrest me, but I’m one step away from stalking this man. I’m going to say my obsession is due to a mix of my own passion for Alberta and a serious case of being starstruck. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, and my friends have played cards with him and spotted him in a liquor store. Why I haven’t been able to bump into him is beyond me.

My favorite songs of his that really encompass the country feeling are The Truth Comes Out, Chinook Wind and, of course, Hurtin’ Albertan. Check them out for a feel of some good old country music!

So I did get to meet Corb Lund at Peacefest last summer. It was epic.
So I did get to meet Corb Lund briefly at Peacefest last summer. It was epic.